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Cribspot for Apartment Associations

Cribspot for Apartment Associations

Empower your members with free Cribspot PRO memberships: online leasing, background checks, and much, much more:

  • Online applications. We'll make it possible for renters to apply for your properties right from members' websites. Unlike other common solutions, ours can be customized to match any website's look and feel. 


  • Automated Background Checks. When a renter applies online, we can automatically run a background check that covers credit, eviction, and criminal history. The renter pays between $12 and $20 (depending on which background checks are run), which is typically covered by the application fee.


  • Amazing Virtual 3D Tours. For select areas, we can create amazing virtual 3D tours of properties for free. Check out our demo to get a taste of the type of experience we can create.


  • Much Much More. We build amazing products at Cribspot, and plan on continuing to expand our offering. Some of the (free) features we have in the pipeline include:
    • Live Chat - have conversations in real-time with renters while they're browsing properties on your website.
    • Search Engine Optimization - Renters find your website through Google, but it's hard to get your website onto the first page. We can get you there - check out this example to see just how good we are. Notice how Cribspot appears #1 in search results for "Bloomington Student Apartments".
    • Online Maintenance Requests - let renters report when maintenance is needed right from their phones, and even attach pictures so you know what to expect when you get there.

Your Association will receive:

  • Money! We'll give you $1 for every background check processed by one of your members. Already have an existing revenue share program in place? We'll give you a better deal, guaranteed.
  • Online Members-Only Forum. We'll provide a platform where your members can discuss and ask questions about anything from leasing procedures to rent prices to how to handle that tenant that just won't pay their rent on time. Your association is a community, and we think it should be easy for members to communicate with one another.

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