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Growth Team Perks

Growth Team Perks

Cribspot isn't a job. We are a team working together to make cool things, test creative ideas, and change the way people search for college housing.

While most of our team works pro-bono, we know that every college student is on a tight budget. So, we recently decided to offer a mix of swag and compensation for being on the team. We also would love to provide resume help, recruiting advice, recommendations and more.

The Perks

  • 1. Become a Growth Hacking Ninja - We are going to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. At the very least, it should be an awesome experience to learn more about growth hacking strategies
  • 2. Featured on our Team Page - There are two ways to get a place on the team page: 1) Consistently contributing good ideas to the group conversation or 2) execute on other team member's growth projects; It's not an easy feat to make it on the team page, but once you do, we will cite you as a builder of Cribspot for life. 
  • 3. Resume review, recommendations, & career help 
    Together, our team has interned at over 100+ different companies, from Microsoft to Yelp. We can do resume reviews or provide LinkedIn recommendations that go a long way towards getting a job.
  • 4. Swag (of course) - We have shirts, laptop stickers, and more (just ask about our swag for Fraternities)        
  • 5. Leadership and internship positions - Those that "kill it" by crafting clever, creative, or interesting growth projects will have the opportunity to take on a leadership role within Cribspot (the Cribspot community) or even work on the summer growth internship team        
  • 6. Refer a Friend - $5.00 /friend - send them here to apply:; Note: your friend needs to be on our Growth Team for at least one project in order to get the Refer a Friend Bonus        

The Pay

Compensation will be mainly based on sign-ups that come via your referral code. Although, we will also be giving other bonuses along with the additional perks outline below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.32.40 PM.png

Recommendation: Me or another founder will provide a stellar LinkedIn recommendation for you
Campus Founder: Monthly stipend + greater autonomy and leadership
Summer Internship: We will invite you to intern with us on the summer Growth Team (paid opportunity thanks to grants from Detroit, MI)