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Cribspot's Growth & Branding Role

You are reading this because you're interested in finding a challenging and interesting campus job that doesn’t involve putting things in a deep fryer.

You’re in luck! Cribspot is a search engine for college housing actually built by college renters. We recently launched a Growth Team composed of students on the ground creating and experimenting different marketing strategies.

Who we want:

  • Local undergrad or grad student
  • 2-4+ hours of free time per week
  • Love for digital marketing and growth hacking
  • Self-starter with loads of creativity to generate innovative marketing ideas
  • Passion for startups, technology, and working with awesome people
  • Familiarity with social media tools and local campus forums


  • Pay based on performance and experience
  • Recommendation letter and LinkedIn endorsement from any of the Cribspot founders
  • Social cred and tons of swag

If you’re interested, please apply by clicking the button below.