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Frequently Asked Questions

by Jason, Cribspot Founder

Who's my point of contact?
I'll be your point of contact going forward (Jason Okrasinski or just call me Jay for short). A little more info about me: I graduated from the University of Michigan last year...awesome school; fucking brutal winters! I'm from New Jersey, love football/soccer, and enjoy anything on Netflix. You can reach me any time at or at 734-418-8557. Although please text since I usually don't pick up my phone - it's amazing how many telemarketers will call when you start giving out your personal number :)

What the Growth Team all about?
There's no hierarchy and no boss to tell you what to do. The Growth Team is completely flat so that every student has equal say. From the day you accept our invitation to the Growth Team, you will start receiving different projects from other team members. We ask that you complete the project in a few days so we can continue to measure the results. You can also recommend your own ideas by either posting them on the forum or emailing me.

The #1 purpose of the Growth Team is to spread the word about Cribspot. We're tired of over-priced rentals, unbearable slum landlords, antiquated paper leasing forms... the process is broken. And, landlords aren't changing anytime soon. So we're taking matters into our own hands as a site "built by students, for students". This means any suggestion is an awesome idea!

What will I be doing?
Most marketing projects are very straightforward such as posting on Facebook or emailing campus groups. That being said, Growth Team members create all the projects so the tasks will vary from one week to another. It's hard to say exactly what you will be doing on a day to day basis, but all the projects will be focused on marketing strategies. If you like advertising, sales, marketing, business, or entrepreneurship, then this is the perfect team for you.

How many hours per week do I need to devote to Cribspot?
At most, you will be expected to work 4 hours a week. Some weeks will be less than that, but ultimately you will get as much out of the experience as you put in.

What if I don't complete a project?
While we don't want to monitor who's participating in each project, we also want to make sure everyone on the team is passionate and enthusiastic about Cribspot. It's okay if you miss one or two projects. Just notify me via email or text. However, you will be dismissed from the team if a habit forms and this will definitely reflect poorly on any LinkedIn recommendations.

How will I get paid and how often?
This link has some more information on the perks: We will create multiple tracking codes for you that have the primary purpose of measuring the success of each project. The secondary purpose will be to determine how much you are paid on a referral basis and where you stand on the team. We will compensate the team every two weeks and swag might take a little longer than that to arrive.

Will I be able to track how I'm dong?
We will send metrics updates every week.

Is there other ways to get paid?
Contributing suggestions to the team or taking on side projects will be considered when paying additional bonuses.


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