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Cribspot Pro - Online Applications

Cribspot PRO

Make your properties stand out with a free Cribspot Pro Membership

Sign up for Cribspot PRO, and we'll set you up with the following:

  • Amazing Virtual 3D Tours. We'll send a professional to create amazing virtual 3D tours of your properties. Check out our demo to get a taste of the type of experience we can create. When students can tour your properties online, you'll be showing drastically less in-person tours from day one.


  • Featured Properties on We'll feature your properties on We're quickly becoming the #1 source for finding off-campus housing anywhere in the country. Properties that are featured receive an average of 4X as many leads.


  • Online applications. We'll make it possible for students to apply for your properties online. The most common complaint we hear from college renters is how their landlord requires them to fill out paper applications and write paper checks that need to be physically dropped off at a leasing office. We want to allow students to apply for your properties on Cribspot, and we can even allow students to apply right from your website!


  • Automated Background Checks. When a student applies online, we can automatically run a background check that covers credit, eviction, and criminal history. The student pays $20 when the background check is run, which is typically covered by the application fee. Don't currently run background checks? No problem - we'd still love to set you up with free online applications.